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A Royal Fuckfest has been filmed by and was released by Porn Parody back in December 2015. This series has been viewed over 10,000 horny guys already as they watched Conner Maguire, Paul Walker, Theo Ford, Mike De Marko and Theo Reid in hardcore cosplay action.

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Conner Maguire and Paul Walker are two English princes who, like everyone else like to have sex. Conner Maguire, in episode 1, goes to a gay bar with one of his bodyguards. Everyone there knows he is the prince, but the public have no idea that their prince likes other men’s bodies. Conner has a few drinks and then he sees Theo Reid, who is rather sexy. He calls him over, and after chatting for a while, they go back to the palace where Conner shows him around. Then they get to his bedroom and Conner strips them both naked straight away. They take in turns sucking cock and licking their balls, and Conner ends up fucking Theo. Theo enjoyed the sex, but was disappointed that he was discarded so quickly in the morning.
Paul Walker, the other prince, Conner’s brother, is sat at a ball feeling frustrated that his wife won’t have sex with him. Conner tells him to go to his room, and his man servant, Mike De Marko will sort him out. Mike De Marko soon sorts out Paul’s frustration as he sucks his cock, and Paul fucks his tight ass until he cums.
In the final gay marvel porn episode, both Paul and Conner have fun with another member of staff, Theo Ford, and this time they film it for fun. The guys spit roast Theo, and then ejaculate all over each other.
Thinking they have had fun, they congratulate each other on a great time, until they switch on the news. One of the staff members – who they have ass-drilled – has given the camera to the news team and he is outing the brothers on prime time T.V. The video is shown to the world, and just when they think things can’t get any worse, all the family come into the room and see what is on the news. Rather than tell them off, they all burst into laughter and leave the room. All except their grandad that is, he can’t stop watching the news with a big grin, and just says, ‘how lovely, gorgeous stuff,’ as he rubs his hands together in excitement.

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Conner Maguire is a hunky guy with beautiful red hair and as great body. He is a six foot two inch hunk with sext green eyes, a great ass and he is versatile with an eight and a half inch uncut cock.
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Paul Has starred in 53 movies for, and his first movie with them was ‘The Drill Sergeant’ with Jay Roberts.
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Imagine you work away from home, you are in a hotel room when a very sexy and handsome guy knocks on you door by mistake. This is what happens to Dennis West when Wesley Woods turns up, and are there to film everything that happens when somebody goes from being ‘Str8 To Gay.’
Dennis enjoys getting away from home, from the wife and the screaming kids, from his boring mundane life, and even though he is straight, he knows he will always find a cute young man to blow him off. In this episode, he answers the door in just his dressing gown when Wesley Woods knocks on his door by mistake, his room is next door. He leaves, but comes back later as he doesn’t know anyone, and he is looking for company. They sit on the bed talking when Dennis’s thick eight and a half inch cock slips out from underneath his gown.
Wesley can’t take his eyes off of Dennis’s cock and is soon bent over giving Dennis a much needed blow job. Dennis sighs with a deep pleasure as Wesley licks his dick all over, and then carries on sucking his rock hard dick until Dennis wants something a bit tighter.
Wesley lies down on his side as Dennis spreads his legs open and plunges his dick right up into Wesley’s super tight asshole. Wesley moans and groans with excitement as Dennis thrusts his hips back and forth as he fucks him deep and hard. Wesley looks up into Dennis’s sexy blue eyes and lets out another groan as he strokes on his seven inch dick at the same time as he gets his asshole fucked hard.
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With fresh cum still leaking from Dennis’ cock, he puts his robe back on and goes in search for that much needed drink they ordered at the beginning.

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This is Wesley Woods’ very first men com porn video and from the looks of his sexy body, it won’t be his last. Wesley has been in other porn movies before, and he divides his porn career alongside his comedy acts he does up on stage. Wesley is a six foot handsome hunk with a great body and a few tattoos. He has black hair which has blonde streaks throughout it, sexy brown eyes, he also has a seven inch cock and likes nothing more than being an eager slutty bottom man.
Dennis West is an all exclusive star to and quite often plays the ‘daddy’ role. He is slightly built with a bit of dark hair covering his chest and has a neatly Trimmed beard. He is versatile with a lovely thick eight and a half inch cut dick. He has brown hair, amazing blue eyes and weighs 175 pounds. Dennis has starred in 22 hardcore flicks for this adult homosexual website and his next movie, ‘Gay Men For Rent’, where he fucks the ass off of Dylan Knight, is just about to come out.…

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It Is Will Braun and Landon Mycles’ anniversary and they’re hoping to get a day alone only having sex daily… as it becomes disrupted. This excellent new free gay men porn video, filmed by a big adult studio for ‘Drill My Hole’, claims to be whatever you need in a hardcore show; when that first episode is anything to go by, then it is time to purchase more cells, and tons of them.

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Will Braun and Landon Mycles are at the kitchen half nude, speaking about their anniversary along with the gender they’re expecting to have. Landon stands across the stove cooking a couple fat sausages for one another. It is early in the afternoon, therefore the two of them are amazed when the doorbell chimes. Can answers the door to a finish, but good looking, stranger. Scott has only been kicked from his parent’s house since they discovered him fucking another man in their residence. Landon tells him he could remain as long as he needs too, but Will is not overly happy because this was likely to be their ‘special’ day. To eliminate his brother, Landon requests him to go to the stores for them, and it is two or three miles later on.
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With Scott from the way, Will and Landon compensate for lost time and immediately jump onto the sofa from the rush to have sex until Scott comes back again.

Will Sucks Landon’s penis, and he bends gradually and tough making Landon sigh with enthusiasm. Will cups his hands beneath Landon’s ball bag and feels it tilted up and down into his hands as he proceeds sucking on Landon’s cock. Will then stands around the sofa with his balls placing on the mind and Landon blowing his seven inch hard dick, and fondling his ball bag.

As Will gets placed between Landon’s spread legs and slides his cock easily into Landon’s sweet moist asshole. He grunts and groans because he believes Landon’s buttocks muscles clamp around his cock like a glove which has been made to match.

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They With a loud porn male tube from Landon Mycles exclaiming he’s going to cum, Will float onto his gay jock penis franticly, and both Will and Landon spurt their sour and sweet jizz around Landon’s weary body. They would like to remain there cuddling for some time, but leap up, and to the shower together with the noise of Scott coming back.
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Landon Mycles is a pleasant looking gay man with a new face and a muscular hairy torso. He’s been in the hot gay porn movies industry for some time now, and also as working in different businesses, he’s also starred in 17 hardcore films for In addition, he has short blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes.

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Prepare yourself for 25 minutes of free gay porn videos, that is real guy sex with actual, tough and strong guys. This really is a foursome scene and thus it comes under the banner Jizz Orgy, the website at the network which deals with much more than only a couple of cum shots in almost any 1 scene. We have got four leading celebrities in this, the four that were appearing at the Swingers series. The story goes both couples play a round of golf using every other’s’ spouse and play, if you see what I believe. And, like this scene opens, the men are talking what has been happening.

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Tom Faulk gets the balls rolling out as he brings up the subject, others look happy to hear bit initially but shortly Cameron Foster begins to get a bit mad and takes out his anger on a somewhat amazed Bennett Anthony.

You do not need to worry you will not have the ability to capture all of the actions in this scene, so it is well filmed. As an instance, the next part of this scene includes all four men at the sofa using Tom Faulk sucking on Cameron, and Colt sucking on redhead Bennett Anthony, also we watch the entire lineup. However, after about seven minutes of male gay porn we get in the hardcore part of this scene and from then on it has a long old push down the fairway into the finale, so lots of time to savour the activity.

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