Parody Gay Porn with A Royal Fuckfest from MEN

A Royal Fuckfest has been filmed by and was released by Porn Parody back in December 2015. This series has been viewed over 10,000 horny guys already as they watched Conner Maguire, Paul Walker, Theo Ford, Mike De Marko and Theo Reid in hardcore cosplay action.

Gay Superhero Porn

Conner Maguire and Paul Walker are two English princes who, like everyone else like to have sex. Conner Maguire, in episode 1, goes to a gay bar with one of his bodyguards. Everyone there knows he is the prince, but the public have no idea that their prince likes other men’s bodies. Conner has a few drinks and then he sees Theo Reid, who is rather sexy. He calls him over, and after chatting for a while, they go back to the palace where Conner shows him around. Then they get to his bedroom and Conner strips them both naked straight away. They take in turns sucking cock and licking their balls, and Conner ends up fucking Theo. Theo enjoyed the sex, but was disappointed that he was discarded so quickly in the morning.
Paul Walker, the other prince, Conner’s brother, is sat at a ball feeling frustrated that his wife won’t have sex with him. Conner tells him to go to his room, and his man servant, Mike De Marko will sort him out. Mike De Marko soon sorts out Paul’s frustration as he sucks his cock, and Paul fucks his tight ass until he cums.
In the final gay marvel porn episode, both Paul and Conner have fun with another member of staff, Theo Ford, and this time they film it for fun. The guys spit roast Theo, and then ejaculate all over each other.
Thinking they have had fun, they congratulate each other on a great time, until they switch on the news. One of the staff members – who they have ass-drilled – has given the camera to the news team and he is outing the brothers on prime time T.V. The video is shown to the world, and just when they think things can’t get any worse, all the family come into the room and see what is on the news. Rather than tell them off, they all burst into laughter and leave the room. All except their grandad that is, he can’t stop watching the news with a big grin, and just says, ‘how lovely, gorgeous stuff,’ as he rubs his hands together in excitement.

The Heros of Gay Porn

Conner Maguire is a hunky guy with beautiful red hair and as great body. He is a six foot two inch hunk with sext green eyes, a great ass and he is versatile with an eight and a half inch uncut cock.
Conner has starred in 47 movies for, and he has just starred in a new series called ‘The Boyfriend Experience’ where he has sex with: Brenner Bolton, Jordan Levine and Dirk Caber.
Paul Walker has a cute face and a smooth lean body with a couple of tattoos. He is six foot tall, has brown hair, sea blue eyes, and he is versatile with an eight inch cut cock.
Paul Has starred in 53 movies for, and his first movie with them was ‘The Drill Sergeant’ with Jay Roberts.
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