It Is Will Braun and Landon Mycles’ anniversary and they’re hoping to get a day alone only having sex daily… as it becomes disrupted. This excellent new free gay men porn video, filmed by a big adult studio for ‘Drill My Hole’, claims to be whatever you need in a hardcore show; when that first episode is anything to go by, then it is time to purchase more cells, and tons of them.

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Will Braun and Landon Mycles are at the kitchen half nude, speaking about their anniversary along with the gender they’re expecting to have. Landon stands across the stove cooking a couple fat sausages for one another. It is early in the afternoon, therefore the two of them are amazed when the doorbell chimes. Can answers the door to a finish, but good looking, stranger. Scott has only been kicked from his parent’s house since they discovered him fucking another man in their residence. Landon tells him he could remain as long as he needs too, but Will is not overly happy because this was likely to be their ‘special’ day. To eliminate his brother, Landon requests him to go to the stores for them, and it is two or three miles later on.
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With Scott from the way, Will and Landon compensate for lost time and immediately jump onto the sofa from the rush to have sex until Scott comes back again.

Will Sucks Landon’s penis, and he bends gradually and tough making Landon sigh with enthusiasm. Will cups his hands beneath Landon’s ball bag and feels it tilted up and down into his hands as he proceeds sucking on Landon’s cock. Will then stands around the sofa with his balls placing on the mind and Landon blowing his seven inch hard dick, and fondling his ball bag.

As Will gets placed between Landon’s spread legs and slides his cock easily into Landon’s sweet moist asshole. He grunts and groans because he believes Landon’s buttocks muscles clamp around his cock like a glove which has been made to match.

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They With a loud porn male tube from Landon Mycles exclaiming he’s going to cum, Will float onto his gay jock penis franticly, and both Will and Landon spurt their sour and sweet jizz around Landon’s weary body. They would like to remain there cuddling for some time, but leap up, and to the shower together with the noise of Scott coming back.
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Landon Mycles is a pleasant looking gay man with a new face and a muscular hairy torso. He’s been in the hot gay porn movies industry for some time now, and also as working in different businesses, he’s also starred in 17 hardcore films for In addition, he has short blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes.

Will Braun is a private celebrity to this free gay men tube, also at the 1 year he’s Been together, he’s starred in thirty nine hardcore films and contains Fucked, also been fucked, by a few of the greatest stars around now. Will Has a innocent look about him after he’s got a sniff of penis, he Can become a wild creature. eyes.

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